A fresh perspective on frilly, frumpy nets

Sometimes you stumble upon things that you wouldn’t expect. This is exactly why this blog is here – to log all of those lovely bits i would otherwise forget in a month or two..well here’s one i found earlier…

My husband treated me to lunch out in brill a few days ago. We love it there especially for picnics with the girls in the summer- the view is beautiful and the windmill and pretty village green gives it plenty of character.


After a delicious lunch at the pheasant we meandered through the streets on a little walk..

I couldn’t help noticing these beautiful window treatments. They were unique and so I knocked on the door to ask permission for a photo or two and to find out a bit about them. The owner was lovely and had seen them a few years before in London.

They are by designer Tord boontje and after looking for more about him I came across his website, he’s originally from the Netherlands and I think his style is a lovely fresh take on florals.

Good bye grandma’s frilly nets – here’s Tord, your 21st century successor!



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