My style pinterest board

My style pinterest board

Greys are not all a wash out #GIDC crititics! .. when they’re done with balance and careful styling. For me the greys are among the most calming for a bedroom especially.

Take my a look on my Pinterest board ‘my style’ for example..

Grey seems to be the new White .. what do you think?



3 thoughts on “My style pinterest board

  1. Love the style, and loved your Span home transformation on yesterday’s GBIDC! You should be really pleased with your design, truly spectacular 😊
    Nice to see a fellow KLCer, too!! X

    • Thank you suzzy! Pleased you liked it! I don’t go mad in colour at home but the clients wanted colour and I was pleased with the result – especially as Sophie liked that I was “not afraid to use colour” x

      • It’s a real skill to manage colour I find, and you had a really challenging brief! Can’t wait to see what the next episode brings you 🙂 x

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