“Mummy we’re a famous family now”

My girls have been so proud watching mummy on the tv! .. My youngest came out with “mummy we’re a famous family now” ..love her!

My episode of ‘The great interior design challenge’ was last friday and so now I can follow up with a little on it from my perspective…

This was the Hub for project Anna and Richie! It helped to have everything out so that I could make sense of everything going on in my head!
It was all so bizarre being flung into a ‘real life’ design challenge on tv. Obviously I wasn’t able to meet or talk to the clients during the design process. All I had to go on were descriptions, a basic floor plan and pictures! To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement!

The week or so working on the design was a roller coaster of emotions, self doubt, sleepless nights and eureka moments. All the while making sure that my husband knew just how incredibly amazing he was! I couldn’t have managed it without his support! (Thank you David! X)

There were some lovely pieces I found to accessorize Anna and Richie’s kitchen. Most came from charity shops but my favourite were these original ceramic pots I discovered in a local reclamation yard. I bought the whole lot for just Β£20!
They turned out to be a huge hit with Anna and Richie.


In my brief Anna and Richie wanted a modern take on 60’s with a more scandi style, they specifically asked not to have a typical full on 60’s makeover theme.. It was in the brief that they had a love of Marimekko, which I later found out was not strictly true! Although I won them round of the fabric in the end. My way if getting 60’s into their room was through colour and the circular theme. Repeated in the fabrics, and the yellow accents. They also loved grey (a common theme so far the show it seems, much to Daniel Hopwood’s disapproval! (Sorry Dan!))

The whole experience was incredible and incredibly exhausting! But the team was amazing (special thanks to Kasia, my builder Stuart and my camera man Charlie!). Stuart – you really had too much to do! But you did it brilliantly!

The tiles… Oh dear! There was concern for the welfare of these poor “original brown tiles” so I kept as many whole for Anna and Richie to keep and I even asked Stuart to leave a few in place behind the cooker as a nod to the original scheme .. I have however recently been informed by the owners that they definitely are not originals! .. Quick guys-chuck the rest while
no-one’s looking!

Oh and the cooker! .. This was the main reason we ran over schedule! It was the biggest headache and poor Stuart had his work cut adjusting the floor AND wall cabinets to fit it.


The emotional bit/s were really a mixture of exhaustion anticipation and having the whole thing hit me, realising just how badly I wanted to do it all again! (Sorry! I do wear my heart on my sleeve)

While we waited for the judges decision I took a tour of the other designers kitchens! I hadn’t seen Anna’s before the reveal but it had a lovely relaxed country feel about it, I had seen Julia’s kitchen before hand and met the lovely owner Joeff, so after seeing the gorgeous white and wood (absolutely my kind of kitchen) I was so nervous. I couldn’t see my unfinished kitchen winning!

And so for the decision .. I was elated! It was, for me so much more than winning round one. I felt so relieved that the professionals saw potential in me, they liked what I was doing and believed in me.

Sophie Robinson, Daniel Hopwood. Thank you! I couldn’t be more grateful. X

The view of the dining area. (Sorry about the big camera crews lamp) Richie is a photographer and so I wanted to use one of Richie’s landscape photographs to stretch that back wall and make the space feel wider still. But Richie was set on his portrait photograph hanging pride of place (I don’t blame him – its a great photo)

My ‘design challenge’ plates, dipped in paints used in the scheme and backlit with a funky 60’s feel colour changing light. I wanted something unique to showcase my imaginative creativity! .. The judges thankfully loved them!

The chalk board fridge. Little Henry lives there too and having children myself I was keen to create something fun for him- it was one we’d tried earlier at home and was a huge hit! you can buy chalk board paint for Β£11.99 at homebase

The floating display shelves were on Anna and Richie’s wish list, most of the objects I decorated them with were my charity shop/ reclamation finds. We painted them the same grey as the walls to let the objects do the talking!

Soo… The suspense and waiting continues .. Between winning my first round and waiting on tender-hooks for the next brief and challenge- our friends were married and as part of their gorgeous wedding they hosted a ‘Great wedding bake off’ … Cue my second huge victory of creativity! .. I won best over all!! And scooped up my cherished prize of the bake off book! πŸ˜‰ .. It seems I was on a roll!

20140126-120142.jpg(mine is the lemony one on a cake stand to the left of the sign)

I have been so overwhelmed and grateful for all the lovely comments and support from not only my lovely family and friends but also everyone out there on twitter! #GIDC @KimberlyPlested ..Keep watching The great interior design challenge week nights at 7pm on BBC2 and look out for me in the quarter finals! X


6 thoughts on ““Mummy we’re a famous family now”

  1. You did amazingly well, thanks for sharing your side of the story, “behind the scenes of the behind the scenes” if you will! 😊

    Good luck in the next round, I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Xxx

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