Valentines and getting creative

That annoying moment when you’re about ready to post onto your blog and then accidentally delete it all! .. Yep that’s just happened to me! Well the gist of this post was to share my recent happenings and a little about getting creative for valentines.

My husband is usually romantic and since having our girls, valentines day is another lovely day spent together with a little extra flourish.
The flourish this year was a lovely lunch at a pub in the north Oxfordshire countryside. Followed by a trip to pick out some lovely fresh flowers, I love arranging unique displays. For breathing life into a home, nothing beats fresh flowers or a big green potted plant in the home.

I chose Sweet Dolomite Roses and cherry blossom which I arranged in a vase from our wedding day.

I also got creative making my handmade card. I always keep plain white cards so that I have the chance to make something personal and unique, for David’s card I used a needle to pierce a design which I finished with red cotton. Less is definitely more!


We moved at the end of October, the house is a work in progress and after putting the paintbrushes down for Christmas, 2014 has just been so busy that we’ve not had a chance to get them back out. David is eagerly awaiting my DIY orders, and i’m constantly looking for new inspiration. You can keep up on what’s inspiring me and everything I’m loving on my: pinterest page

I hope after all of this horrible weather, the sunshiny promise of spring is spurring on the cleaning, organizing and redecorating .. I’ll keep posting as I do just that at home. Lots of love x


On to the next chapter

After a whirl wind few weeks of watching Sophie, Dan, Tom, myself and fellow amateur designers on BBC2’s The great interior design challenge, it seems to have come to an incredible end.


Daniel Hopwood very kindly hosted a fabulous champagne and canape party with a showing of the final. It was fabulous seeing everyone in person rather than via the TV screen, we’d all been in touch mostly via twitter and so it felt more like a fantastic reunion! Also a huge thank you to my Husband, my girls, my parents, Sophie Robinson, the amazing GIDC team, BBC and Studio Lambert.

A HUGE congratulations to the lovely Sarah Moore, for Winning The great Interior design challenge. I urge you to a look at her beautiful website:

Congrats to runner up, the fabulous Jordan Cluroe, on an incredible run of designs on GIDC. Here’s his new venture with his partner Russel Whitehead:

There have been so many lovely messages from family and friends but also from people I have never met. The support throughout my experience on the program has been amazing. The span kitchen project really tested me and my confidence, I really didn’t expect to get through, winning the first heat was the most incredible feeling, similarly I hadn’t even dared hope to be shortlisted after applying, let alone go on to become one the 24 designers and get through to the quarter finals. I know how strong and ingrained my passion for interior design is, I’m just so grateful that I had my chance to show it – twice! 


With little sleep during the process and all the time pressure, I got rather emotional, as you will have witnessed in both episodes i appeared in, (sorry!) Honestly, the tears were with very good reason because this journey for me has without doubt been one of the most exciting, inspiring, confidence building and absolutely incredible experiences of my (25 now) years so far. I’ve met incredible people along the way and learned so much.


As with everything there is a silver lining, Not making it through to the Semi finals meant that I could afterall book a last minute ticket for myself and Iris (my youngest) to join my husband, David, and Lara (my eldest) In Venice where David was coaching and Lara was competing as part of the England Karate team. It was her first world karate games and I was so proud to be able to watch Lara win her bronze medal!

I’ve had plenty of “what are you going to do now?” I have taken advice from Mr Hopwood to finish studying for my Interior design Diploma, embracing opportunities along the way. I’ve signed up as a student with the British Institute of Interior Design, and I’ll be filling my diary with all the fabulous design events coming up!

I have always seen my career and future being in Interior Design. It really is my passion, I love it and I always have believed that the career you choose has such a huge impact on your life, that you should use your passion to do what you love. ..

So – on to my next chapter! .. stay tuned and please do keep in touch, you can find me here of course, on Twitter: @KimberlyPlested  and on Facebook