Keeping it interesting

We’ve all needed a little more self motivation at times, maybe to clean out the car, finally sort through that paper work pile or getting to the gym. Well It’s a challenge to keep on track with open learning study. Being at home while studying means there’s always something that could do with my time, more often than I’d like to admit, I give in.

I love to have routines and more importantly stimulating motivation. This month I received an A- for my first of 6 projects on my interior design diploma. It was the biggest confidence boost and keeps me determined to keep up the hard work!

Also I have recently been asked for some guidance and help on an incredible 18th century renovation on a house in Oxfordshire.
Having this project to work on along side my studies gives me something to get stuck into, belief in myself and vision that this is what I’m working toward. I want to follow my passion doing what I love and making a living out of it will be a dream.

I’m quite simply so excited. I’ve been given permission to blog about my involvement and so I thought I’d share this little gem:


It is the only surviving original fireplace left after previous owners allegedly threw the others out in a skip! This one is in one of the smaller two floor rooms and the current owners found it hidden behind a piece of plaster-board!

The building is 18th century and is listed. There are beams, stone, brick and fireplaces galore! I was excited to see the new lime plaster still drying.

I’ll keep sharing here and on facebook and twitter .. Stay tuned for updates! X


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