About me

A little about me and my journey so far..

I have lived my life creatively for as long as I can remember. I used to drag my mum round show homes at the age of 9, I had my sketch book out more than any other ‘toy’ as a child. My doodles were all of interiors or floorplans and my birthday present one year from my parents was an easy to use CAD program for the PC – I was only about 12!

my creativity polaroid

In 2008 I set up Freespirit photography. I always loved taking photos and my friends and family supported me to take it further. The business focussed on photographing children, families and weddings. My photography style evolved very quickly into the more natural ‘location’ and journalistic shoots. I enjoyed running my little business but time with my daughters was precious so I took it gently (i’d had my second during this time) and I found myself wanting to steer my career into another direction.

Eventually in 2010 my passion for Interior design won over and I decided to continue with photography as a hobby and pursue Interior design as my Career. I wanted my study to blend with my family lifestyle and so after a lot of research to find a highly credited interior design course, I enrolled with KLC school of design. I’m currently studying with KLC for my Open learning Diploma.

2013 was a big year for my family, so much so that I didn’t get much chance to really embrace my new blog…well this year will be different. IOur family wedding 2013n 2013 among lots of other things my husband and I finally tied the knot, we moved house and our youngest started school! I will blog about these things in time and fill you all in – but for now – this is me.

This blog is a way of getting my word out there to all of you and keeping a record as much for myself as for others in the world of creativity and interiors! It will log my design journey and all the design inspired loveliness I find along the way! I hope you enjoy!

Kimberly x



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