Pretty little pieces

Our not so little girl is growing up and having her own room means she can stamp her own identity all over it! Luckily mummy is at hand to help and so I’ve encouraged her to embrace the eclectic look of pretty antique furniture and off whites.

She didn’t need much convincing. As long as she had her blue and stars in the scheme she was happy!


Her room is a work in progress but here’s a sneak peak of the gorgeous petite bedside drawers we found in my favourite local antiques shop in Weston-on-the-green, Oxfordshire. The old flight house

The paint work is more beige than the greys we’re after but part of the fun is that we can give it a lick of the right paint. We couldn’t resist! Its such a pretty, girly piece of furniture and perfect for her bed side!

I’ll reveal it it its new home once we’re all finished in there!


Hello 2014

I’ve been wondering how to re-invent my blog. If I carry on with my indecisiveness then this will be no blog at all!

Here goes my first post of 2014! Happy new year!

I have a deadline looming with the KlC and so I’ve been busy organising my work space. We moved at the end of last year and our new kitchen-diner has now become my study too (David has taken the office!)

At least our new reclaimed elm wood table has the capacity for all my Work. I love it! Just waiting on my Philippe Starck’s style ghost chairs to complete the look!


The light in the kitchen is perfect with its south-easterly aspect. We made sure the first job after moving in was painting the horrible dark navy wall white! Oh the difference 6 coats of white can make! .. It’s my favourite colour for a freshen up and instant modernisation!

So feeling fresh and inspired, this project work will be submitted before the end of January! I’ll share some sneak peeks before it makes its way to Chelsea harbour!


Here is my inspiration for finally plucking up the courage for writing a blog. It only seems  fair that I pay tribute and feature the site in my first ever blog post! .. here goes! .. wish me luck!


Have you ever copied an image, an article or something you hope to buy from a website and then created a document on your computer in which you’ve pasted that image along with a web link back to the site?  I used to do this all the time. I’m sure most creative people have, well pinterest is the ready made equivalent!

A friend introduced me to pinterest last spring. I played about and quickly figured out how to use it, now it’s become a daily part of my world. I receive my emails updating me on who likes what i’ve pinned, who’s re-pinned my pins and who is now following me. (It’s very satisfying and reassuring to see people are loving the same things) I check it in the morning, pin inspirational, useful and beautiful things throughout the day, check it again while cooking the girl’s dinner and i’ll be linking it very closely to this blog.

I found some interesting facts about pinterest:

  • According to Experian, in the UK Pinterest saw a 786% increase in traffic last year from 901,761 visits in September 2011 to 7,985,316 in September 2012. Meanwhile in the US Pinterest saw a 15-fold increase to 139m visits in September 2012 compared to 9.2m in the same period in 2011.
  • According to Repinly, the most popular category on Pinterest is ‘food and drink’ with 11.9% of pins, followed by ‘DIY and crafts’ 9.2% and ‘home décor’ (5.9%). However, looking at pinboards rather than single pins, home décor is actually the most popular category (11%) followed by ‘art’ (10.7%) and ‘design’ (10.3%).


Pinterest has been growing rapidly since it’s Launch in 2010. I tell every creative person I meet about it and joke that i should receive commission. (if only i knew where to start with buying shares) I currently use Pinterest for logging interesting websites, recipes, wedding ideas, Interior design ideas or combinations that appeal to my imagination.

If you haven’t yet discovered Pinterest I urge you to take a peek – I bet you too will be hooked! – just know that it may possibly take over a little more of your life than you’d expected! .. and you may even decide to throw a blog into the mix!

If you are already on pinterest, then you’ll know what i’m talking about! .. follow me

Phew … first post – DONE!